The Habit Journal


£27.96 Including packaging and postage (P&P)


  • How-To Guide.
  • All about habits. How to break them and how to change them.
  • 56 days of journaling pages to help you change the way you think so that you can think your way to change.
  • Access to more stuff online.

“A proven method to help you get to who and where you want to be!


This eight-week habit journal is the eight-week process of the programme. This programme and its journal are set out to empower you to create new habits and replace the old ones that keep you trapped. As you will discover the ABT Habit Journal is based on therapeutically proven methods and it is essential that the journal and its route is followed exactly, as it is the entire process that works and not just parts of it.

The first action in this Habit Programme is for you to figure out what you want, who you want to be and how you are going to be different in eight weeks time after following the carefully thought through steps. You can look at the following eight-week journey as the steps you take to new levels of knowledge, understanding and effectiveness with whatever has been interfering or holding you back before, now slinking into the past.


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